Where do shares of Bionova Holding trade?
The company’s common stock is traded on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) under the ticker symbol BVA.

Why does the number of shares I now own differ from the number I originally purchased prior to September 1996?
Following the September 26, 1996 merger of DNA Plant Technology Corporation with Bionova (a subsidiary of Savia, S.A. de C.V.), holders of DNA Plant Technology common stock were granted the right to receive one share of the new company (DNAP Holding Corporation) for every 10 shares of stock held in the old company (DNA Plant Technology Corporation). Shares of DNA Plant Technology Corporation’s $2.25 Convertible Exchangeable Preferred Stock were converted into and represent the right to receive 0.68375 shares of DNAP Holding Corporation. Since the corporate name changed on April 28,1999 shareholders will now receive Bionova Holding Corporation stock.

How do I convert my shares in the old DNA Plant Technology Corporation into shares of Bionova Holding Corporation?
Please request a “letter of transmittal” from Bionova Holding’s transfer agent: The Bank of New York at (800) 524-4458.

How can I get regular updates on company news?
To be added to our fax update list, contact Investor Relations, Bionova Holding Corporation, 6701 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, California, Telephone: (510)-547-2395.