Excessive fluid retention in the body is a dangerous condition which if left untreated, ca cause severe damages of tissues and organs. Lasix is a number one treatment for edemas and excessive fluid retention in the body. Actually, the fluid can not cause any harm, however it is an evident sign that certain body systems dysfunction and need correction. Water is the main compound of our body, one may wonder why excessive water retentions should be fought. Extra water may cause edemas and swelling causing sufficient discomfort. Moreover, excessive fluids built up in the tissues of the body mean serious problems with capillaries, the lymphatic system, the heart, the kidneys or may point out that average physical activity is sufficiently reduced. Fluid retentions may also indicate troubles with nutrient levels in the body as protein deficiency. Increased levels of histamine as a result of inflammation in the body will also provoke extra fluids accumulation in the tissues. Extra fluid is not dangerous, in most cases it points out serious dysfunctions which require emergency treatment. For that matter you can buy Lasix online without prescription. Most pharmacies of UK, USA, Canada and Australia will require prescription. You can always go shopping the pills online to get Lasix over the counter.

What is Lasix?

Lasix is an extra strong diuretic pill containing furasemide as its main ingredient. Lasix comes in pills for oral usage. The pills are available in different dosages of 20mg, 40mg and 80mg. A single dosage will depend on the weight of patient, on the condition which needs correction and on the disease. A one time dosage should only be prescribed by a doctor. Lasix is a safe medicine but medical consultation is a must as uncontrolled Lasix treatment to fight edemas and excessive fluids in the body can mask the signs of the initial disease and thus will make diagnostics even more complicated.

Lasix is on the two lists. WHO considers it to be one of the essentials, while Words Anti-Doping Organization has it on the list of banned pills. Lasix increases urination. It starts working in the body minutes 40-50 minutes after intake and continues to work up to 4 hours. In case of treatment of heart dysfunction, kidneys and lymphatic system dysfunction Lasix should not be taken uncontrolled. Strict medical supervision is required.

Directions for the use of Lasix

You can buy Lasix online after getting prescription from your doctor. Online pharmacies of UK, USA, Australia and Canada will sell you Lasix online over the counter. Lasix should be taken as it is prescribed by a doctor or, in case of self treatment, Lasix should be taken as it is indicated in the instruction provided with the pills.

Lasix should be used only for extra fluids elimination from the body caused by:

  • heart failure
  • liver disease
  • kidney disorders

In most cases people will feel the next symptoms:

  • shortness of breath
  • swelling in arms and legs
  • abdominal discomfort and signs of swelling

By noticing these symptoms a patient should immediately see a doctor reporting the signs. The matter is that Lasix as a potent diuretic will reduce the symptoms, however it will not treat the main cause of the symptoms. Thus they will turn back after the Lasix treatment is over.

Lasix is also used to correct hypertension episodes. Due to reduction of water fluids in he body the tension in the vessels decrease and a patients feels relief. Unfortunately, Lasix presents only a temporary solution of the problem. A patient should get thorough examination to find out the reason causing extra fluids and high tension in the body.

How should I use Lasix?

No matter you can buy Lasix online, you should not take the pills without prescription. Lasix is taken by mouth with a full glass of water with or without foods.

The treatment is started with one pill of the lowest dosage of 20mg which is taken in the morning. In severe cases the treatment can be started with 40mg. If the initial dosage turns to be ineffective and the symptoms of fluid retention are preserved. The maximum possible dosage is 160mg in 24 hours. However such dosages should be supervised by your healthcare provider. In case of maximum dosage treatment Lasix is taken in pills of 40mg every 6-8 hours.

There are some cases when Lasix can help some minor problems as excessive legs swelling after a hard day on the move or wearing high heels. Then a minimum dosage of Lasix will ease the symptoms.

Do not take Lasix to reduce weight. Some people try to reduce weight with Lasix eliminating extra fluids from the body. This is very dangerous as Lasix changes the levels of vital elements in the body as natrium and chlore. These are vital for proper functioning of major systems of the body. Lasix will wash these elements out from the body thus affecting the functioning of vital systems. Do not take Lasix without prescription or when you do not perform evident signs of excessive fluids retaining in the tissues of your body.

What may interact with Lasix?

Lasix will boost the action of other diuretics. A combination of diuretic drugs is forbidden. A combination with antibiotics and other diuretics may cause hearing damages. Lasix stops aspirin elimination from the body. Thus combination of these drugs will cause rapid increase of the aspirin in the blood and rapid blood pressure jump and aspirin toxicity.

Lasix will boost the action of hypertensive drugs. The result will be an extremely low blood pressure which is life threatening. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs will decrease the effect from Lasix.

What should I watch for while taking Lasix?

A patient should be extremely careful with Lasix and attentively watch the response of the body when taking treatment. If treatment turns to be successful a patient feels the ease of fluid symptoms, edema comes off and the blood tension gets normalized. After a treatment course patients report ease of movements, breathing and normal heart beat.


Lasix is forbidden in the first trimester of pregnancy. The pills should not be administered to patients with a terminal stage (pre-death) of renal impairment, mechanical obstruction of urinary tract.

People with allergies to diuretics should not take Lasix. Other conditions contraindicating Lasix are unknown.

What side effects may I notice from Lasix

As an average drug Lasix can perform mild to severe side effects. Though you can buy Lasix online without prescription, you still need to know all possible adverse reactions.

Up to 3% of people report allergic reactions presented on the skin – redness, rashes, itching, tongue, face and lips swelling

Up to 5% of people notice hearing disorders as ringing in the ears or temporary hearing loss.

Digestive problems are also on the list of Lasix side effects as loss of appetite, increased bowel movements, nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, loose stool of clay color.